You HAVE to check out David Usher’s Let the Elephants Run book

At David Usher’s company, CloudID Creativity Labs, there is a sign on the wall that reads: “Dream big, let the elephants run!” You know David from fronting the massively successful band, Moist, and his own solo career. Now, he’s written a best-selling book.

Based on his wildly popular speaking engagements, David Usher’s book on creativity and the creative process, Let the Elephants Run shows us how to reignite creativity whether in the head office, the home office or the artist’s studio.

David believes creativity is in our DNA; it’s in everyone, not just the creative class. We all start our lives as creative beings but for many that spark becomes lost over time. How do we jump-start our creative process as adults? What does it means to be a creative person? How do we follow through with our ideas and turn them into tangible outcomes?

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David empowers readers to achieve more “aha” moments through two cornerstone principles of creativity: freedom and structure. Using a mix of personal anecdotes and professional examples from the worlds of industry, technology, science, music and art, he shows us that creativity is not magic; it is a learnable skill that any person or business can master. The dynamic full-colour design includes photographs, artwork and illustrations, as well as action pages to help readers start cultivating the habit of documenting their ideas for future execution.

Let the Elephants Run is an essential guidebook to reconnecting with our imaginations and nurturing our creativity in accessible and productive ways. Let the Elephants Run: Unlock Your Creativity and Change Everything explores a framework to help others –whether in the head office, the home office or the artist’s studio–through the creative process while also challenging the idea that creativity is intrinsic to the lucky few, that ideas are ever wholly original or that life as a working artist allows for hours spent at cafes discussing art (instead of writing grants).

As father to young children, David wakes at 5:00 am just to have time to think. While it may be easier to believe in inherit talent then endless grind, creativity isn’t elitist, it is a skill—like driving a car or learning a new language—that can be taught, and requires practice.

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