Concord Continues Acquisition Spree with Fearless Records, Wind-Up Deals

Concord Bicycle Music continues its acquisition spree by buying in separate deals Fearless Records and the rest of Wind-up Records, giving the company more than $140 million in annual revenue. Terms of the deals with the two rock labels were not disclosed.

The deals adds about 150 albums from Fearless and about 25-30 albums from Wind-up to the company’s portfolio that already consisted of about 10,000 albums and a music publishing catalog with 60,000 songs. In addition, the Fearless acquisition also includes Fearless Records’ Fearmore Music Publishing, which includes the evergreen copyright “Hey There Delilah,” along with the company’s highly successful in-house merchandise operation.

Last month, Concord acquired the Vanguard and Sugar Hill record catalogs.

Via Billboard