Hear Sly Stone doing his radio show on San Francisco’s KSOL in 1967

In the mid-1960s, Stone worked as a disc jockey for San Francisco, California soul radio station KSOL, where he included white performers such as The Beatles and The Rolling Stones into his playlists. During the same period, he worked as a staff record producer for Autumn Records, producing for San Francisco-area bands such as The Beau Brummels, The Mojo Men, Bobby Freeman, and Grace Slick’s first band, the Great Society. Stone was influential in guiding KSOL-AM into soul music and started calling the station K-SOUL. The second was a popular soul music station (sans the K-SOUL moniker), at 107.7 FM (now known as KSAN).

So, he knew what was goin’ on. Below, you can hear nearly an hour of Stone broadcasting on KSOL in 1967. It’s an MP3 of a tape of an AM radio broadcast, so gather round the speakers, kid, and marvel to what free-form radio was truly all about.