Watch Rare Live Footage From David Bowie’s Diamond Dogs Tour In 1974

Thanks to Nacho Video, the YouTuber who created a tremendous upload of the rarely-seen David Bowie “Diamond Dogs” tour from 1974.

He writes, “I have been asked many times to create some videos for Bowie’s ‘74 tour. There is very little material available, but I have gathered all the footage that’s out there, I think. Among the Super 8 stuff there are some possibilities, tho’ a lot of labor will be required. In the meantime, I’ve taken the obvious easy road of first working on the footage from the wonderful 1974 Alan Yentob BBC documentary, Cracked Actor. The in concert materiel it contains is really well filmed, as one would expect from the BBC. Unfortunately, it contains no complete song. Therefore some imagination and technology is required. Here, I am more or less retreading what others have tried before, but not at this quality.”