Spotify adds Kids & Family programming

Spotify this morning is announcing a change to its service designed to appeal to families with small children: it’s relaunching the app’s Kids category to include new playlists focused on vocabulary and language-development activities, as well as voiceover prompts in between songs that encourage parents to interact with their children while listening to music together.

The company notes that music, including singing with children from birth onwards, can help to promote early brain and language development, especially among ages 0 to 3. With this in mind, Spotify has relaunched its “Kids and Family” section to focus in particular on this age group.

The new Kids playlists are designed around everyday activities, like bedtime, bath time, or traveling in the car, for example. But what makes them different from the other curated playlists you would find on Spotify’s service is that there are breaks in between songs where parents will hear a voice prompt or conversation starter of some sort that encourages them to interact with their child.