Steve Mason on why The Beta Band won’t reform

How do you feel about a lot of cult bands reforming and have you discussed, or even considered it with The Beta Band guys or is that a chapter you’ve completely put to rest?

Ah, I’m not a big fan of nostalgia I have to say. I think it’s lazy, I think it’s, there’s something just a bit sad about it. I do understand why bands do it and I understand why bands who sort of had their time but didn’t make a lot of money at the time and then their older and kind of skint and want some money – I understand that. But I think culturally it feels a bit weird, you know, culturally it’s weird but culturally its really in keeping with what’s happening. You know artists in this country, there’s no more, there will never be – take bands like The Stone Roses as a wild example; there will never another band like that. There will never be another band that starts at grass roots level like that, that’s not put together by someone else, or even The Beta Band, completely organically. We managed to get a big deal with a label, they put a load of money into us and allowed us to spunk a load of money in this beautiful artistic way, completely unhindered and it never ever happened again, ever. The Beta Band were, we were a brilliant band and we were like a shot of colour across the landscape but we weren’t really rock stars so, like The Stone Roses; they were much bigger but there will never be another band like that. There will only be things like Adele and these kind of, people that come from a TV show – that’s what your rock star is going to be. The days of The Rolling Stones and The Beatles, Queen, The Who – all gone, that’s history.