Short Cuts: The Best Songs Heard On January 27, 2018 From The Indie World

Kellen of Troy
When You Don’t Hear Goodbye
This is music as a constant companion and confirmation that sad songs really do say so much. Fans of Ryan Adams & The Cardinals, Father John Misty, and Band of Horses will love this one.

Rory Webley
I’m Not The Only One (Sam Smith cover)
This is his first Youtube upload, and so I’m claiming him first when he becomes Australia’s biggest import. Keep it up, Rory, and anyone else out there who just want to sing because they love to sing.

Factor Chandelier
The Gospel (feat. Ceschi)
Saskatoon-based producer broke into the music scene as a DJ in 1998 (!!!), drawing early production inspiration from the West Coast underground. He’s likely seen – and heard – it all, and he continues to be imaginative, pushing the boundaries of hip-hop through a wide spectrum of moments in this track.

Hamster feat. Lee
Los Angeles-based Hamster has been producing pop and EDM tracks for rising stars in the LA scene over the last few years, and Lee continues the success of picking the very best here. Strong in the melody and dynamics department. While you’re waiting for the new Chainsmokers album, this ought to tie you over nicely.

The Watanabes
Over Romantic
In the 1990s the Walsh brothers were teenagers growing up in a tiny village in rural England, dreaming away their time in a room together writing heartfelt pop songs on second hand guitars. Twenty years later they find themselves in Tokyo, sharing a room together, sipping on green tea, while writing heartfelt pop songs on second hand guitars. Dave Crosby is a fan, and that should tell you how perfect their vocals are, and how The Everly Brothers live on in spirit in these two. Nashville and beyond awaits them.

Maddie Ross
A much-needed shot in the arm when it comes to singer-songwriters writing big, poppy choruses. I loved Juliana Hatfield and Liz Phair back in the day, and this would have been right up there in my repeat listens. As it’s 2018, I still listened to this on Spotify about a dozen times straight in pure delight. No wasted notes, just brilliant.

Clyde Kelly
Hailing from Raleigh, NC, he counts OutKast, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The-Dream, and KiD CuDi among his primary influences. While those artists aren’t ready to hand off the gauntlet just yet, they should know he means business, and ready to take the leap to the big stage, like, now. If he can string together a number of these solid tunes, he’ll be closer than even he realizes.

Colour Tongues
Soon to be rated amongst Vancouver’s finest and most-loved bands, this quartet known for their upbeat choruses, technical power rhythms, and blending of different instrumental patterns that work alongside high-range vocals. Sublime.

This four-piece indie rock band from the UK is sharper than most, and a surprise as it’s only been 14 months since their debut single, Sunset. Steady drums, storming guitars, they could be contenders for breakout band of the year over there if this keeps up.