Starkey Hearing Technologies’ Livio AI Revolutionizes Hearing

Starkey Hearing Technologies has reinvented both the hearing experience and the hearing aid with Livio AI. Livio AI is the world’s first Healthable hearing aid to utilize integrated sensors and artificial intelligence, and the first to track physical activity and cognitive health.

Livio AI interfaces with a brand new mobile app—Thrive™ Hearing—and three new wireless accessories: the Starkey Hearing Technologies TV, the Remote and the Remote Microphone+. With the Remote Micorophone+, Livio AI is also the first hearing aid to feature Amazon® Alexa connectivity.

New Hearing Reality technology reduces noisy environments by 50-percent, significantly reduces listening effort and enhances speech clarity, while artificial intelligence optimizes the hearing experience.

Livio AI also provides integrated language translation, dual-radio wireless platform: 2.4GHz radio for streaming of phone calls, music and media, and fall detection with inertial sensors within the hearing aids. The integration of the physical activity data measured by inertial sensors of the hearing aids is done with Apple Health and Google Fit apps

This cutting-edge technology allows people to take a proactive and personal approach to treating hearing loss, which has been linked to dementia, cognitive decline and social isolation.

Livio AI is available in the United States and Canada and expanding to more than 20 countries in 2019.