The Greatest Debut Metal Albums of All Time

Heavy metal music was known to have developed in the late 1960’s and in the early 1970s especially in the UK. Today there are numerous bands belonging to this music genre. Because of the popularity of metal bands universally, several subgenres of heavy metal music developed such as the Thrash Metal (Metallica, Anthrax were some of the popular bands in this category), Death Metal (Morbid Angel, Napalm Death), Black Metal (Mayhem, Burzum), Power Metal (Hammerfall, DragonForce) etc. in the 1980s, 1990s and early 2000s. The 1990s witnessed the rise of several currently famous bands such as Linkin Park, Nirvana, etc.

So, Chelsea Palace which is one of the leading phone casinos brings to you a compiled list of the all-time greatest debut metal albums.

Best Debut Metal Albums of all time

Every decade would have witnessed the best and the worst metal bands making their way up and down the ladder of fame and success. Taking that into consideration, here’s the list of a few best debut metal albums of all time:

Welcome to Hell’ by Venom

The legendary debut album of the famous English heavy metal band ‘Venom’, it was released in December 1981. At the time of its release, it re-defined the meaning of the word ‘cataclysmic’ and had greatly influenced the then-emerging thrash metal style. It, in fact, created a whole new world pain for ‘metaldom’ and so was almost like a threat to the Death and Black Metal styles.

De Mysteriis Dom Sanathas’ by Mayhem

Another stunning debut by a metal band was the ‘De Mysteriis Dom Sanathas’ by the Norwegian Black Metal Band Mayhem. This deadly debut album is still considered to be influential in the black metal scene. Also, it remains to be the only album of this band to feature Aarseth and Varg Vikernes.

Bonded by Blood’ by Exodus

An iconic debut album of the famous Bay Area Thrash Metal Band Exodus that largely revolutionised the Thrash Metal segment of Metal music. It also holds the record of being the only full-length studio album of Exodus to feature the Late Paul Baloff on vocals. In 2008, it was re-recorded by the band and re-released as ‘Let There Be Blood’ featuring mostly new band members.

Sorrow and Extinction’ by Pallbearer

This album is yet another extraordinary debut made by a Doom Metal Band. In the final acknowledgement list, you would notice that they have expressed their gratitude finally not to their family or close ones or anyone whom we would thank in a normal case, but to the legendary Black Sabbath band which has greatly influenced Pallbearer. The main asset of the band in this album is their sharp and a steely sense of a dynamic intuition which makes this album worth listening to.

‘Blasphemy’ by Fallen Angel Of Doom

This 1990 debut album of Fallen Angel Of Doom became quite legendary for the ‘death grunting’ in a more animal-like manner which only blurred the ability to comprehend the songs, which in fact, became a trendsetter. This album was one of the major influencers for the War Metal segment of Metal Music.