Why do We Love Bandcamp?

Bandcamp is an entertaining service for both just fans and professional musicians. That means you can either buy content and listen to music or sell it as an author. A wide range of items includes not only digital music and vinyl but also different merch – vintage t-shirts, gifts and souvenirs, tickets or cassettes with glorious historical past. By the way, if you’re a music fan or a musician, come to Chooseonlybest.com to look through the equipment for music listening.

Why Should You Join Bandcamp as a Customer?

It is worth mentioning that Bandcamp is a great idea to support favorite artists. Everybody can donate and buy their tracks with ease. Let’s list some other service’s advantages:

  • It’s a great website to find new artists that wouldn’t have been heard yet.
  • Bandcamp provides releases in a variety of formats.
  • A wide variety of genres are represented on the website and many independent artists are putting their music up on the platform.
  • The website is easy to navigate and to make payments.
  • The service has plenty of free downloads and demo versions.
  • The artists from the whole world can present their creatives and masterpieces.
  • You can follow other fans and see their collections to make new discoveries in the music genre you’re interested in.

When the customer ordered a T-shirt or any other item, he/she gets the dispatch note. However, before making a purchase (whether it is music or merch), note that the non-US customers are still charged tax for digital purchases from the USA.

Why is Bandcamp Valuable for Musicians?

Bandcamp lets composers and musicians get to a lot of audiences and give them good money for every payment. 80-85% of each customer’s money goes to the artist as daily payments in their PayPal accounts. They don’t need to wait for money at the end of every quarter as at the majority of other famous platforms. The artists get the reports and notifications about their current income to the email.

The musicians can exercise full control over their business, including pricing and materials. Besides, they have the right to upload whenever they want and gather all their followers in one place. One of the greatest benefits is the possibility to upload content without any permissions and approvals from the platform. The musicians stream their singles directly to the services to create a preordered list. Then they can choose the composition to offer. However, it is necessary to remember that Bandcamp doesn’t accept mp3s.

Benefits for both Listeners and Artists

All the Bandcamp’s subscribers love their high-quality downloads like .aiff, .wav or .flac. Besides, artists and fans have an opportunity to communicate with each other. When a musician gets an email with notification about the payout, he/she can see an avatar and comments of the fan that has made a purchase. Thus, the fans can leave testimonials and the musicians can send them to email to thank.

The platform thrives in the world of online show business. The total musicians’ revenue is $290M a month and more than $7M a day.