Apply Now: CIMA’s Biz & Showcase Mission to AmericanaFest UK 2020

This January, CIMA will be conducting their second Business and Showcase Mission to AmericanaFest UK in London. Held on January 28-30, 2020 AmericanaFestUK is a two-day conference, awards show and music festival with live Americana music from the US, Austria, Spain, Denmark, the UK and more. The day conference consists of over 200 international promoters, artists and festival owners.

As a growing genre, and one very popular in Canada, Americana (a combination of roots, blues, folk and alt country music) is an important market to expand on in the UK for the Canadian Music industry. AmericanaFest UK is keen to build the Canadian presence in the UK with a showcase and business initiative. This presents a lucrative opportunity for the vast number of Canadian music companies who represent this genre of music in Canada.

You can apply and get more details here.