8 Reasons Why Your Website Needs A Promo Video!

In the current era, we are looking at the future of marketing where people and advertising experts are trying tactics top to bottom to juice out the best results from social media. 

Brands are leaving no stone unturned to promote their services and products in front of the audience to get the best of results from the market. From social media platform postings and story creating to handling their ranks in SEO, brands are trying to set the mark as take it up high as possible

Although there are some tricks which they are missing out on to promote their brand and services, they need to understand the importance of a promo video and the kind of wonders it can do. Be it a small business or a large empire; a video can take the level of their marketing to 10x. If a buyer is giving positive feedback about your product through a testimonial and a free promo video, this can help your brand become more credible and trustworthy to invest the buyer’s money in. 

If you are looking at the current trends, promo video tops the chart of popularity and demand among the brands and services. It is worth it to take all those efforts and create content for a website video. 

Let us try to understand why you need a promo video for your website. 


  • First & Foremost – The platform for trust 


When a brand creates a video for their audience and followers, the brand must understand that the more they give a human touch to the video, the more trust would be built on that specific brand. When real people and real humans would come up to speak the words which you have been saying till date via your posts and social media creatives, it will create the right amount of difference. Your audience would tend to trust a talking human more than a talking image comparatively. 

If you show all the employees and team members in your organisation while working, or in activities where they are strategizing their next commercial move, it will start developing faith in your audiences for the kind of hard work you put in making in every product. So, indirectly, if you show them what you “actually” do, it would help them trust you and your brand more and ultimately, this may take your sales to the next level. 


  • A fantastic video invites for amazing shares


If you are successful in creating a good video, there are high chances that it may also become viral; if you must have noticed that the record and charts are proof that more than a picture post, there are high chances for a video to go viral in a positive way. 


  • A real testimonial of the client can go beyond the way


There are several options and ways to create a video for your websites, such as engagement video, office culture video, behind the scenes of product making, interview video and testimonial video.

A testimonial video is basically a happy customer talking about the services and product you provide into the market. 


  • Skip the monotony and stand tall 


As mentioned above, irrespective of what size business you own, there has to be competition among. Creating a brand and website video with the help of professionals or youtube video maker would help you stand tall among them all. If the video is good in content quality and videography, there are chances that it may receive more views and likes as compared to popular posts. 


  • Helps you bring in more engagement


A video can attract even the laziest of viewers on social media; research says that in the current generation, around 6 out of 10 people prefer watching an online video instead of television! Imagine, such is the power of good quality content and an online platform. 


  • Satiate the hunger of ranking well on Google


We all know that it is our topmost desire and priority to rank well on Google and increase our visibility among the audience worldwide. Here’s a fantastic fact – did you know that you tend to show on the top list for about 53% if you have a video on your website? Surprised, aren’t you? 

Well, such is the magic of videos, with the help of a video you can appear more in front of the audience if the relevant search is done and it will ultimately help you increase your Google ranking and SEO as well. 


  • You can explain almost everything! 


Let’s say if you have made a product and you wish to promote its features and abilities in front of the world, how would you plan to do it? You must have seen that big brands nowadays release a trailer of their product in which they promote the features and benefits of owning that particular product in front of the audience- ever imagined why they do it?

The only reason for this is that via a video, they will be able to explain the quality and benefits of the products in a better way compared to conventional promotion strategies. 


  • The best way to earn ROI for your brand 


If you do thorough research on how videos act as a promotional tactic for your website and can benefit you with ROI, you will find that around 88% out of 100 marketers are satisfied with their ROI which they received on behalf of a video. 

Conclusion – 

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