When to contact an auto lawyer

When we were teenagers, driving seemed like a ticket to freedom that would never get old. Passing our driving tests was the first step towards never having to ask for a ride ever again. We could meet our friends, spend entire days doing whatever we liked wherever we liked, and rely on ourselves for transport home instead of waiting around for someone else to pick us up. But soon the reality – and the expense – of driving sets in. Until you’ve worked all month only for your hard earned cash to be blown on a faulty car part or renewing your vehicle insurance.

But we love our cars, all the same. Yes, the magic wears off, but they are nevertheless our home away from home, where we spend a significant portion of our day. They are status symbols. If anything, they’re even more to replace than they are to own.

But what is never fun is being in a car accident that wasn’t your fault (check out an auto accident lawyer in Atlanta if you have been involved in a car accident). Let’s look at some of the common types of road accidents that would typically form the basis of car accident claim – because the more aware of the dangers we can be, the more equipped we are to spot the threat and avoid any potential mishap.

T-bone impacts (side impacts)

You can expect this type of car accident to take place at junctions, typically in one of two ways. First, side impacts tend to occur where a turning must wait for a gap in a lane of oncoming traffic before cutting across. The other main way for this type of accident to occur involves a car pulling out of a junction before there is a significant gap in the traffic flow, raising the chances of an impact with oncoming traffic. In both cases, it is usually the negligent action of the turning vehicle that is to blame, with the oncoming traffic being asked to act fast to avoid impact. Being aware of cars that have been waiting to turn can help us all to realise when the impatience of the waiting driver may be wearing thin. Signalling for the waiting driver to turn, or reducing speed on the approach can both help to avoid significant injuries.


This one is perhaps one of the most annoying things to happen to drivers on an almost daily basis. The issue is that drivers in a hurry do not appreciate those of us who are taking the time to obey the law – these drivers want to break speed limits and get to their destination. There is not a lot you can to deter tailgating, and accidents are all too common.

Both types of the above car accidents are types of cases that would warrant speaking to an auto lawyer.