Elvis Presley Nashville Sessions Compiled In ‘From Elvis in Nashville’

In June 1970 Elvis Presley entered Nashville’s legendary RCA Studio B for a marathon five day recording session that would provide the backbone of three of his most successful studio albums of the decade.

On November 20th, these sessions will be collected in a 4CD set and digital collection, ‘From Elvis In Nashville’. Pre-order now.

Drawing on the original masters, the 4CD set presents studio tracks from the 1970 marathon sessions in pristine audio, newly mixed by acclaimed engineer Matt Ross-Spring (John Prine, Jason Isbell) without the added overdubs or orchestration appearing on earlier releases.

From Elvis In Nashville will be available in a 4CD boxed edition including two bonus discs of rare and/or unreleased outtakes from the 1970 sessions (also available digitally). A highlights package will be available in a 2LP 12″ vinyl pressing.


Elvis’ rendition of ‘I Washed My Hands in Muddy Water’, a country classic penned by Cowboy Joe Babcock, is available now, too.

That tracklisting in full:

Disc 1
01 Opening Jam (Mystery Train) (Junior Parker/Sam Phillips)
02 Twenty Days And Twenty Nights (Ben Weisman/Clive Westlake)
03 I’ve Lost You (Ken Howard/Alan Blaikley)
04 I Was Born About Ten Thousand Years Ago (Adapted by Elvis Presley)
05 The Sound Of Your Cry (Bill Giant/Bernie Baum/Florence Kaye)
06 The Fool (Naomi Ford)
07 A Hundred Years From Now (Lester Flatt/Earl Scruggs)
08 Little Cabin On The Hill (Bill Monroe/Lester Flatt)
09 Cindy, Cindy (Buddy Kaye/Ben Weisman/Dolores Fuller)
10 Bridge Over Troubled Water (Paul Simon)
11 How The Web Was Woven (Clive Westlake/David Most)
12 Got My Mojo Working/ Keep Your Hands Off Of It (Preston Foster)/(Jay McShann/Priscilla Bowman)
13 It’s Your Baby, You Rock It (Shirl Milete/Nora Fowler)
14 Stranger In The Crowd (Winfield Scott)
15 I’ll Never Know (Fred Karger/Sid Wayne/Ben Weisman)
16 Mary In The Morning (Johnny Cymbal/Michael Rashkow)
17 It Ain’t No Big Thing (But It’s Growing) (Neal Merritt/Alice Joy/Shorty Hall)
18 You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me (Vicki Wickham/Simon Napier-Bell/ Pino Donaggio/Vito Pallavicini)
19 Just Pretend (Doug Flett/Guy Fletcher)
20 This Is Our Dance (Les Reed/Geoff Stephens)
21 Life (Shirl Milete)
22 Heart Of Rome (Geoff Stephens/Alan Blaikley/Ken Howard)

Disc 2
01 When I’m Over You (Shirl Milete)
02 I Really Don’t Want To Know (Howard Barnes/Don Robertson)
03 Faded Love (Bob Wills/John Wills)
04 Tomorrow Never Comes (Ernest Tubb/Johnny Bond)
05 The Next Step Is Love (Paul Evans/Paul Parnes)
06 Make The World Go Away) (Hank Cochran)
07 Funny How Time Slips Away (Willie Nelson)
08 I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water (Joe Babcock)
09 Love Letters (Edward Heyman/Victor Young)
10 There Goes My Everything (Dallas Frazier)
11 If I Were You (Gerald Nelson)
12 Only Believe (2:58) (Paul Rader)
13 Sylvia (Geoff Stephens/Les Reed)
14 Patch It Up (Eddie Rabbitt/Rory Bourke)
15 Snowbird (Gene MacLellan)
16 Where Did They Go, Lord (2:28) (Dallas Frazier/Arthur L. Owens)
17 Whole Lot-ta Shakin’ Goin’ On (Dave Williams/Sunny David)
18 Rags To Riches (Richard Adler/Jerry Ross)

Disc 3
01 Jam 2 (Tiger Man) (Joe Hill Louis/Sam Burns)
02 I’ve Lost You – take 1 (Ken Howard/Alan Blaikley)
03 The Next Step Is Love – takes 3-6 (Paul Evans/Paul Parnes)
04 You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me – rehearsal
05 Patch It Up – take 1 (Eddie Rabbitt/Rory Bourke)
06 Twenty Days And Twenty Nights – takes 5,6 & 8 (5:54) (Ben Weisman/Clive Westlake)
07 How The Web Was Woven – take 1 (Clive Westlake/David Most)
08 Mary In The Morning – takes 3-4 (Johnny Cymbal/Michael Rashkow)
09 Just Pretend – takes 1-2 (Doug Flett/Guy Fletcher)
10 Stranger In The Crowd – takes 1-5 (Winfield Scott)
11 Bridge Over Troubled Water – rehearsal, take 1 (Paul Simon)
12 Patch It Up – take 9 (Eddie Rabbitt/Rory Bourke)
13 The Sound Of Your Cry – take 3 (Bill Giant/Bernie Baum/Florence Kaye)
14 Where Did They Go, Lord – takes 2-3 (Dallas Frazier/Arthur L. Owens)
15 Rags To Riches – take 2 (Richard Adler/Jerry Ross)

Disc 4
01 Jam 3 (I Didn’t Make It On Playing Guitar) (Elvis Presley)
02 Faded Love – rehearsal (country version) (Bob Wills/John Wills)
03 The Fool – take 1 (Naomi Ford)
04 A Hundred Years From Now – take 1 (Lester Flatt/Earl Scruggs)
05 Little Cabin On The Hill – take 1 (Bill Monroe/Lester Flatt)
06 Tomorrow Never Comes – takes 10-11 (Ernest Tubb/Johnny Bond)
07 Snowbird – take 1 (Gene MacLellan)
08 Faded Love – take 3 (Bob Wills/John Wills)
09 It’s Your Baby, You Rock It – take 3 (Shirl Milete/Nora Fowler)
10 There Goes My Everything – take 1 (Dallas Frazier)
11 Love Letters – take 1 (Edward Heyman/Victor Young)
12 If I Were You– take 5 (Gerald Nelson)
13 Heart Of Rome – take 1 (Geoff Stephens/Alan Blaikley/Ken Howard)
14 Cindy, Cindy – take 1 (Buddy Kaye/Ben Weisman/Dolores Fuller)
15 I’ll Never Know – take 3 (Fred Karger/Sid Wayne/Ben Weisman)
16 Sylvia – take 9 (Geoff Stephens/Les Reed)
17 It Ain’t No Big Thing (But It’s Growing) – takes 1-2 (Neal Merritt/Alice Joy/Shorty Hall)
18 Only Believe – take 3 (Paul Rader)
19 Life – take 2 (Shirl Milete)