Bass Icon Leland Sklar Launches Highly Anticipated New Book “Everybody Loves Me”

The most legendary and iconic bass player on the planet, Leland Sklar, has launched his highly anticipated and long awaited coffee table masterpiece “Everybody Loves Me.” The book is filled with unique and unexpected photos of over 6,000 celebrities and everyday people giving Sklar the proverbial middle finger.

The California based rocker and most respected bassist in the industry has played and toured with artists including James Taylor, Carole King, Jackson Brown, Linda Ronstadt, Phil Collins, Toto, Bee Gees, Laura Branigan, Glen Campbell, Ray Charles, Crosby, Stills and Nash, Neil Diamond, and countless others. All told he has contributed to over 26,000 albums and has done many soundtracks for films and television shows. Many of those superstars appear in the book as well as Gwyneth Paltrow, Jack Nicholson, Bonnie Raitt, Bernie Williams (NY Yankees), Katey Sagal, and about 6,000 others.

“Everybody Loves Me” had created a buzz long before the book even came out. Random people and fans were known to walk up to Sklar giving him the bird before ever saying hello. According to Sklar, noticing the expressions on people’s faces as they held up their middle finger was of artistic interest to him while shooting the photographs.

The book sells for $60.00 however you can obtain a signed copy for $80.00. You can order this colorful Conversation piece directly from his website at