When is Text Message Marketing Effective

Text message marketing has become one of the most efficient channels to increase sales of a business. It is immediately received and read. It takes one hour at most to get a response from a text message, unlike an email that takes over 24 hours. 

While there is no denying its benefits, done wrong, it could have a contrary impact. Many marketers irritated their customers in the past and ended up losing even the most loyal of them. If you are using it for the marketing of your business, make sure you use the best free mass texting service and follow tips shared in this article. 

You Have a Local Audience

If you have a local audience, it’s unlikely that your SMS marketing investment would go to waste. Sending a text message to an audience that can physically approach is very effective. They are more likely to put their trust in the message when they see a local business. 

You Don’t Irritate Them

Text message marketing is effective as long as you don’t irritate your prospects. Sending long or frequent messages would disturb their peace and they will block you. Remember, they will have to leave whatever they are doing to take out their mobile phone and read your message – make sure it’s worth it. Send them a text only when you have something valuable to offer that they will like. 

You Have a Great Pitch

Just like any marketing tactic, it’s important to have a great pitch, even in SMS marketing. As a matter of fact, you have to be smarter with an SMS. It has to be as short as possible but must convey the complete message. You have to add a call-to-action while triggering the pain points of your audience and highlighting your unique selling points with the offer – how it’s done is an art itself.