Top 4 Benefits Of Filmmaking For Business And Video Marketing

The ever-widening sphere of all-things online is brimming with video content to promote brands and business. Filmmaking for the purpose of converting views into ROI is gaining momentum. And very quickly. To get you onboard, Richie Media Video Production Company has given us a rundown of the benefits of video marketing. 

4 Benefits Of Video Marketing 

  1. Brand Awareness 

With so many (“so many” being an understatement) businesses swarming online and social media channels, the question of “how to stand out” among all of them is the deal and the question of the day. And there’s a very practical solution to it. Video marketing

Scientific data reveals that 90% of what the human brain processes on average are visual. What’s more, businesses who use video marketing as a tool have seen an increase of over 50% in brand awareness. 

You are more likely to be “seen” and noticed by an audience, and ultimately, your future clientele, when you make your brand visible via advertising-through-filmmaking. 

  1. Excellent Conversion And ROI 

With most searches and shopping being done online, video plays a huge role in conversion and in sales. In fact, researches show that conversion can skyrocket to at least 80% when you arm your landing page with a video about your brand, business, products, and/or services. 

In addition to this, 74% of people who watch videos with the intent of availing of a specific product or service make a purchase soon after watching a clip of said economic commodities. 

  1. Search Engines Are All For Videos 

In this case, Google is all for videos. Google is utilised for searches online 95% of the time compared to its competitors. If you want to increase your visibility on the search engine (aside from having an SEO-team work on the frontend and backend operations of your website), have quality videos on your online platform. 

“Why is that?”, you may ask. Well, there’s a simple explanation for it. Videos take time to view. More time watching your business’ videos equals more time spent on your website. More time spent on your website, collectively, equals the prospective to rank higher on Google. 

And now that YouTube is under the vast, vast umbrella of the said tech giant, the stakes have become higher. In the best way possible. More profitable, even, for businesses who know what to do about video marketing. 

  1. Video For Mobile Users

YouTube has released a report stating that mobile video consumption jumps up and increases dramatically by 100% every year. More and more people use their mobile phones to do searches and purchases through their handhelds and similar gadgets. These same people find videos a convenient medium in understanding what a product is or what a service can do. 

Targeting mobile users has so much potential to positively impact your business because they are not limited by time, location, and the inconvenience of queues, traffic, rush hours, the list goes on. 

90% of consumers are used to viewing videos on their phones. Thus, as long as they have their phones with them and can access your business website just as easily, the likelihood of conversion will be that much greater for your enterprise.