Things You Can Do With Your PDF File Using PDFBear

PDF format is a widely used format for files like Image files, files in rich text format, text files, and more. But files that are in PDF format can be complicated to understand and are hard to manage, but with the use of appropriate tools, managing and even improving your PDF files can be effortless and life-saving.

There are many tools for doing tasks involving PDF files, but there is one that can do almost everything in just one place. PDFBear is an online-based platform capable of accomplishing nearly all of your PDF needs without any hassle. With that said, here are some of the things you can do to your PDF Files using PDFBear.

Add Page Number

If you are someone with a major OCD problem, not having numbers on your PDF file can trigger your OCD, and even if you just want to avoid confusion with the order of your PDF files, adding page numbers may come in handy. Luckily, you don’t have to pay for computer applications anymore because PDFBear can do it for you without paying anything.

PDFBear can add page numbers to PDF files to make them more organized. You can do this on their website by just following simple steps. You can also customize typography and the page number’s positions to make it more personalized and pleasing to the eyes and make the first page of the file the cover page, so it doesn’t include the page in the numbering.

Add and Crack Security Features

Security is the biggest concern with virtual files nowadays. With the technological advancement that we are experiencing today, it is effortless to access and hack into one’s files and get private and confidential information. Many tools can add passwords to PDF files, but not everyone can do it, like PDFBear.


With PDFBear, you can guarantee the security of your precious PDF file because aside from its 256-Bit encryption protocol that is almost impossible to crack, it can also limit access and sharing of your PDF file to make sure that not everyone can see the content of your file.

It can also help you when you accidentally forget the combination of the password that you set on your file using their Unlock PDF Tool. This tool removes the password of your file so that you can have full access to the file and view its content.

Repair PDF

Everyone experiences having broken and corrupted files. It is a huge problem when using various devices. This happens when your device experience glitch or encounter problems while saving the file or the device is affected by malware. Having this problem in the midst of presenting or using your file can be very stressful.

But you don’t have to panic when you experience this kind of problem because PDFBear is always to the rescue. It has a Repair PDF Tool that can fix your broken file in just a few minutes. Using PDFBear will not add up to your problem when fixing your PDF file because it is very accessible. Any device with a browser can access it and use this tool.


The file you are trying to open must be compatible with the application you are trying to open with. If you don’t have the appropriate application for it, the best option you have is to convert your file into a suitable format. Since PDF is a very accessible format because there are so many ways to open it, many people convert their files into this format.

PDFBear is the best tool to convert your files from various formats, including Word, Excel, PPT, JPG, and more to PDF format. And if you want your file’s original format back, you can also use PDFBear because it also offers to convert files from PDF into other formats. You can do all your PDF conversions very quickly because it only takes four steps to do it.


PDFBear is a comprehensive tool for your PDF needs. It is indeed the best when it comes to handling your PDF files. There are many advantages in using their website, including time-saving, free, requires no storage space, accessibility, and the list goes on. It is indeed a blessing to us because it is efficient, convenient, and useful to everyone in any field.

But probably the most impressive thing about PDFBear is its ability to do basically do everything that involves PDF files. From converting to security and editing, you can find it at PDFBear. That is why it is not shocking that many people choose it over the other applications on the web today.