Millions of dollars worth of compensation are being paid to victims of public accidents

On our daily routine, we take a ride to our workplaces either with our own personal vehicles or by public transportation. We stop by our favourite coffee shops and grab a cup of coffee and a sandwich to start the day. Once we are at work, all the effort we’ve given is for a purpose to provide ourselves with a comfortable and stress-free life away from financial difficulties. Once the week is over, we reward ourselves either by visiting a shopping centre with our families or attending exciting organisations such as the Australian Open. All these activities mentioned can involve an unnoticeable risk due to someone else’s negligent behaviour. In the morning, a speeding driver can give rise to a collision, the coffee can be poisonous if the substances included in the coffee has expired or a workplace accident can occur. These are the occasions that can cause personal injuries and income loss due to these injuries and being off work.

Luckily in Australia, if someone else’s irresponsible actions caused the loss, these are compensable. For the injuries sustained after an accident in a public place, such as in the coffee house example, civil liability compensation may be awarded. If the accident occurred in the workplace, workers compensation; and if the accident occurred in the traffic, motor accident compensation are the victims’ legal options.

Catastrophic results of food poisoning outbreaks to mega-companies

Pioneer companies of the fast-food sector have been in financial trouble as a result of unexpected food poisoning incidents. Honestly, these outbreaks were totally preventable if necessary care was taken. Although many people experience food poisoning at least once in a lifetime, the more serious infections such as e. coli and botulism can lead to permanent disabilities to the victim. Especially, those with weaker immune systems and digestive systems can suffer critical health conditions. Pregnant and children are more vulnerable to these diseases; and even if the victim fully recovers, the process can be long and painful. Therefore, victims of these diseases can lose their income for a couple of months and their medical expenditures can be hard to deal with. As these diseases are totally preventable, the company that caused the harm will have to cover the loss of the victim. In Australia, businesses that are present in the food sector are mostly covered with public liability insurance. This means, the insurer will act on behalf of the liable business to cover the victim’s loss.

Breach of safety rules in the traffic

We all know how selfish other drivers can be in traffic. The structure of the traffic is very complex that even a small move can result in a chain reaction. Drivers should behave responsibly while in traffic as speeding and sudden lane changes can panic the other drivers. The traffic signs, lights and the other traffic regulations were built in a purpose to indicate the risk to the drivers if disobeyed. Breaking distance of motor vehicles at high speeds isn’t sufficient in case of emergency. A motor vehicle weighed over 2 tones can be lethal equipment at the moment of impact. This is why the drivers should obey these rules without any exceptions. In Australia, victims of motor vehicle collisions can request compensation from a third-party insurer to recover the loss. The extent of this compensation includes weekly payments in case the victim isn’t eligible to return to work, payments for medical expenses and surgeries and lump sum compensation payout depending on the case and the severity of the victim’s injuries.