Top 10 Greatest Footballers to Have Ever Graced the Italian Serie A

Italian Serie A is one of the domestic soccer leagues with a considerable following. The league has some great football clubs that have been performing well in European competitions. Many fans have come to love the league because of such a club. In the past and even currently, some exceptional footballers have lit our screens. Read below about some of these greatest football players to have ever played in Serie A.

  1. Paolo Maldini 

Paolo is one of the best defenders to have ever played the beautiful game. He started his footballing career at AC Milan and played for the club for over 24 years. His strength was in his high mental ability, and that’s why he was smart in the pitch and rarely making errors. Maldini was also integral for the Italian team in the world cup tournaments. Betting on him through judi bola during that period would have helped you win some cash.

  1. Roberto Baggio

The talented Baggio made him one of Italy’s most celebrated strikers. Due to his sharpness in front of the goal, he scored over 200 goals in Serie A. Baggio played for various Italian clubs, including Fiorentina, Brescia, Inter Milan, and Juventus. He was an all-around natural finisher who could score any goal such as free kicks and won the Ballon d’Or in 1993.

  1. Diego Armando Maradona

The late Diego was an instrumental player for Napoli. He single-handedly helped the club win some trophies during his playing days. Exceptionally gifted, Maradona transformed Napoli into a powerhouse while adorning his Iconic number 1o football shirt. Nicknamed “Elchapo,” the Argentine scored 115 goals out of 259 appearances for Napoli. He later transferred to Barcelona in Spain.

  1. Gianluigi Buffon

Buffon is undisputedly the most maximum goalkeeper to have ever played in Serie A. But starting his footballing career, he was an outfield player. He was later transformed into the goalkeeper that many came to love over the years. Buffon played for Parma and Juventus in the Serie A, where he showcased his skills in organizing and marshaling his defense, leading to few errors.

  1. Francesco Totti

A skilled midfielder who played for Roma his entire football career, he began this profession in 1992 and finally retiring in 2017, having scored 307 goals from 785 games. This record is impressive, highlighting how good a midfielder he was.

  1. Zinedine Zidane

The current Real Madrid FC coach joined Juventus after signing from Bordeaux in France. He won two league titles, with the club was instrumental in establishing Juventus as one of the most feared clubs. Zinedine stayed in Italy for five years and later transferred to Real Madrid for a record fee of 47 million pounds.

  1. Marco Van Basten

He was part of the iconic Ac Milan team of 1990. Marco being a part of a talented group of players helped make the San Siro one of the best teams of those times. Ac Milan had not won the Italian Serie A before his arrival. His goals later helped the team win three titles after that.

  1. Silvio Piola

Piola scored an impressive 274 goals in Serie A during his 25 years career. He is still remembered as he was the top scorer with Lazio twice. In those seasons of 1936-37 and 1942-43, he scored 21 goals.

  1. John Charles

He was a British footballer who played for Juventus. He won three titles and was unique since he was mainly a striker but could also play in defense. John Charles played for both Juventus and Roma in Italy.

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo

He moved from Real Madrid to Juventus for a record transfer fee. Although he has helped the club maintain its dominance in the Italian league, the owners brought him in to help win the champions league. However, this has been elusive so far. Some fans may dispute him appearing on this list, but his massive following has brought to Juventus warrants him a space with the best.

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