How to launch a SaaS product?

By Celeste

So you are interested in launching a Saas product! To help you with the process, I have a few steps for a successful launch. The steps are more technical. If you are curious if you have the potential to make this commitment, then check out Deepak Shukla!

He asks questions and prepares your mindset to see if you are ready and willing to play the long game. Once you check out his article, you are ready to jump into these steps.

1. Know your competition

First, you have to understand that it is a competitive market. You have to identify who you are competing with at different levels of your product.

When your product first launch, you will have a different competitor months and years later. Once you identify your competition, study their behaviours. Be aware of their presence.

Start by identifying who your competitors will be when you first launch. Then keep in mind the highest-ranking competitors. Being aware of the highest ranks will help you know what you will go up against as you are working your way up the ladder.

2. Customer onboarding process

The customer onboarding process is the first impression people get when they attempt to use your product. It is crucial just to make a product worth using and not one that is just to bring in money. You will get more money if you deliver value and attention to your customers.

Here are a few ways you can add value to your product.

  • Make your product user friendly to new customers. You and your team would know the ins and outs of your product, but new users won’t. You can provide step by step emails to help users navigate through your product.

To determine if your product is user-friendly, you can have your friends test the product and treat them as genuine customers before sharing it. That way, they can give feedback before other people use your product.

  • Have a fast responding customer service. If new users face any issues, you want to be aware of that. Let them know that they can come to your team and feel heard.
  • Keep users updated. Email customers when prices have changed, updated, problems have been fixed, etc.

3. Launch strategy

The most time-consuming step… the launch strategy! The strategy does not just include up until the launch because you’re going to need a game plan after.

Also, the launch strategy does not even include the development of the product. We are guiding you solely on how to launch your product.

Here are a few things you might want to consider to prepare for your launch.

  • A shared timeline of when the launch date is and everything happening up until then.
  • Introductory post on your blog
  • Announcements on social media platforms
  • Social media profiles set up (optional)
  • Create videos going over the product
  • Consistent posting dates
  • Test runs of the product
  • Webinars

4. Promote

Finally, promote your product! Promotion will be throughout your launch strategy. Use blog posts and PR events to generate traction.

Start with SEO.

Seo has so many aspects that go into it, and you need to start early on. The more time you invest in SEO, the better the results you will get out of it.


Pay per click can give you a better idea of where your product stands. You can do PPC during the advertising, but it can be expensive.

Lead Generation

Use lead generation while you are promoting your content. Lead Generation ll help track how well your product is doing and the number of sales you generate.


Launching a product is a long process. It has already been some time to develop the product which means you don’t want to rush the launch date.

To see if you are ready for the launch, check out Deepak Shukla’s “How to Launch a Saas Product.”

Author bio: My name is Celeste. I am a student at Austin College. I am currently pursuing a business degree and interested in entrepreneurship. She is working for PearlLemon. Before my career, I hope to get the chance to travel internationally.