The New Music Documentary That Does Not End Well

Bluesy, raw singer Ish, fresh out of Kansas City foster care, jumps off the Greyhound bus in Hollywood ready to become a star. With only a backpack and a few bucks, he lives on the streets.

While Ish believes in his own exceptional vocal talent, the skill to manage daily life eludes him. Ish’s Cinderella story starts when he answers a Craigslist ad for a singer, and musician PM Romero immediately wants to collaborate with this extraordinary performer.

Romero takes him under his wing to create music together. Once he discovers that Ish is homeless, Romero’s role evolves from bandmate to mentor, teacher, and father figure.

As the newly formed band William Pilgrim, the pair go on to write and record over 40 songs, but the group struggles under Ish’s inability to cope. He remains unable to shake the effects of his horrifying childhood, including abuse in several foster homes.

This documentary covers six years of the journey of William Pilgrim and explores if the concern and action of a new friend can provide the path to a better life for Ish.

In addition to the upcoming feature film, PM Romero is producing a series of webisodes called The ISHUES Project, as a means to promote those who wish to improve our world with their activism and heart. The ISHUES Project profiles both individuals and organizations that strive to make positive change in our neighborhoods. This webisode series can be viewed at