Short Cuts: The Best Songs Heard On January 8, 2018 From The Indie World

The Exit Sound
The Exit Sound is a Greenville, SC based electronic, indie, and synthpop artist, and nothing is spared in this song once the chorus kicks in 30 seconds. Ever been to a party, and find a stranger, have a late-night talk, a found connection, a special smile, and then you home, alone? He’s been there and understands, and this song is for you. Brilliant.

The Backbeat Conspiracy
Too Sexy For America
A reggae-rock band from Östersund, Sweden in the style of early Police or Fiction Plane, it’s spaciously delicious fun and the blending of styles fit them perfectly. A giant yelp comes halfway in the song and that’s all you need to get up out your seat.

What If I Didn’t
Toronto continues to be hot with R&B and soul singer Daniel Caesar leading the way into a monster 2018. Don’t let a lack of knowledge about Talal obscure the fact he hasn’t released a ton of material – yet. His naturally smooth voice and beats are going to be one to watch this year, too.

Jason Nolan
Late Night City Hawks
From London, this track is a great signpost to where Jason is heading – shimmering keyboards, dark chords, this could easily be featured in the latest big car commercial or late-night session back to mine. I hit the play button a bunch more after checking it out.

Broken Wand Ritual
Have I told you a thousand times yet I’m obsessed with My Bloody Valentine, Jesus and Mary Chain, Ride, The Black Angels, Lush and that whole era? Have you heard LLOLLYANNA yet? Can you guess what kind of music they play? Just a supreme wall of guitars and sound that block out the world and takes you on a slipstream through a space where nothing matters except hitting the repeat button on this enduring song.

Dol Vita
While you’re waiting for the new Lana Del Rey to come out, meet Dol Vita from Guilford, Surrey, United Kingdom. She’s bound for a wider audience with her folk-blended carefree voice and very capable harmonies within her reach. If you ever hoped Sarah McLachlan would be remixed by Grimes on a Monday morning, here you go!

Cosmic Car
Vancouver group LINES (all caps, please) loves mixing it up in the style of New Order around the time they discovered MDMA and they’re lead with a really capable voice to get the crowd and dancefloor moving for an epic stomp.

Aggressive Swans
About You
This two-piece alternative pop band based in Munich, Germany have their heart in the right place. Much more than disposable pop and will throw you back to the time of Erasure, Yazoo and early Depeche Mode with their irresistible dance rhythms.

Nikö Blank
Nikö Blank is a name you need to know, he’s one of electronic music’s most buzz-worthy and prodigious young talents. His most notable remix to date, is his unofficial Flume “Never Be Like You” Remix, which reached the #1 spot on Hype Machine, at the time beating out official remixes of the track by Disclosure, Wave Racer and Teengirl Fantasy. Give him massive credit for taking a new approach and this track is full of nice moments.

Ivy League DreamZ
Catchy melodies, red-hot vocals that share a story, and carefully crafted production are the keys to every one of MØØD’s tracks and his notable monthly album releases. He’s going to quickly move from the pack with the desire to keep the upbeat side of downtempo electro-pop and his brilliant arrangements at the center of everything he does.