Music, Munchies, and the Best of Festival Food

It doesn’t matter what kind of festival or concert you’ve just purchased tickets to, you know that one of the highlights is going to be the incredible food offerings you just can’t get anywhere else. Special vendors set up some of the most unique and creative food stalls loaded with hungry festival-goers ready to soak up the beer in their stomachs, with everything from tacos to deep-fried delights. These essentials have cemented themselves as festival must-haves to fill up on throughout the day, and as far as we’re concerned, the music only gets better with each bite.

Take a look at some of the highlights you can expect (and sometimes are surprised) to see at festivals all over the world.

Drums & Doughnuts

When it comes to grabbing a sweet bite for a quick sugar rush, nothing beats a good old doughnut. Delicious rings of doughy bliss come in almost any flavour and topping we can think of, from bacon bits to the fancier creme brulee variety. As an easy food that does nothing but deliver sweet and uplifting flavours, doughnuts are absolutely perfect for any concert or festival. Whether you’re bouncing around to your favourite band or just hanging out while the show goes on, adding some sweet bready deliciousness is never a bad idea.

A Real Pizza Party

What’s one type of food you’re guaranteed to find anywhere in the world, including at festivals? Pizza, of course! As one of the most popular and well-known go-to foods, pizza is a timeless companion to any event or day to day activity. Whether you can’t make it to Coachella this year and opt for ordering up a vegan or vegetarian pizza from Deliveroo at home to watch it live with friends instead, or are camping out at the Electric Daisy Carnival with a weekend pass, pizza will always be there for you when you need it. Those thick, marinara-soaked slices keep the fun going with each bite, and they provide the carbs you need to keep you energised. If jamming to your favourite bands has your stomach growling, a slice of pizza is an instant remedy.

Techno, Tacos & More

Adding a crunch to your festivities with some flavourful tacos is never a bad idea. The Mexican blessing that’s popular all over the world as a deliciously stuffed quick-bite operates as breakfast, lunch or dinner and delivers every food necessity we need. Taking a break from everything and sitting down with a perfectly stuffed, juicy taco whilst humming along to the tunes of your favourite song is a terrific way to re-energise.

Don’t Forget to Drink Up!

Of course, no meal, let alone a concert, is set without something refreshing to gulp up and wash down all that festive deliciousness. From beer to smoothies to cooling Italian iced drinks and pressed smoothies, a good drink is essential at any festival – keeping hydrated is a must at events like these. If it’s an open-air concert during the day, bottled water is highly recommended, but lemonade or orange juice does the trick, as well as providing a few much-needed nutrients.

Before heading out to your next festival, make sure to take a look at the website and find out what delicious edible treats are in store for you. You can usually find a map that pinpoints the spots you’ll want to try out, so be prepared and come ready with a game plan to enjoy the best of festival dining!