Red Bull Basement University invites Canadian students to submit their tech solutions to create a better student life

Red Bull Basement University ­ a global platform for students to innovate and co-create positive change ­has opened applications for student teams, from 27 countries, to submit their ideas for how to improve student life. Finalists with the top-voted ideas from each country will be invited to the Red Bull Basement University Global Workshop 2019 this December in Toronto, Canada ­ home to the Global Workshop 2018 winner, VACANT. The four-day event will be packed with lectures, workshops, and mentorship sessions; all leading up to a final pitching competition where the Global Workshop 2019 winner will be chosen.

“As students, we found that study space inefficiency was an issue on campus, and we wanted to bring our peers a better environment to learn, socialize and grow,” said Anna Pogossyan, who won the Red Bull Basement Global Workshop 2018 with her co-creator, Temirlan Toktabek. “Red Bull Basement University gave us the resources we needed to take our idea to the next level. Through the experience, we realized that we don’t have to stop at study spaces ­ we can use technology to revolutionize human-centered design.”

All university students aged 18 years and older in any participating country who are interested in applying must fill out an online submission form by October 29, 2019, and include a 60-second video describing their idea to drive positive change. Through a voting and judging process, Red Bull Basement University will select one winning team from student innovators in each country and help them to bring those ideas to life. The winning teams from each country will enter a six-week development phase to further evolve their idea with the support of designated international mentors and a dedicated team. During this phase, Red Bull will also provide funding, international mentorship, networking opportunities, and well-equipped workspaces.

“During our development process, the calls with our appointed mentors really gave us the necessary feedback and critique to show us where we were and where we needed to be,² said Leonard Kracik and Mark Vincent Dinkel, co-founders of UniVote, the 2018 country-winning team from Germany. “What really stuck out was how incredibly close you can get with people from all over the world when you spend such an intense moment with them. Language, religion, race or gender, none of these play a role when you¹re working together to achieve the same goal.”

At the conclusion of the development phase, each winning team will be flown to the Red Bull Basement University Global Workshop 2019 to attend a four-day event comprised of lectures, workshops and mentorship sessions. This event will be held December 12 – 15, 2019 in Toronto, Canada, and will all lead up to a final pitching competition and the selection of the global winner. It will be the opportunity of a lifetime to meet some of the world’s most brilliant student innovators from around the world.

Need inspiration for your submission? Here are some words of wisdom and advice from the panel during a recent Red Bull Basement University event that might help.

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