BEST kidnapping movies on Netflix

Based on a real story, movies are one of the best kinds. They are more inspirational than another kind of film because you know it is achievable. This gives you hope and also lets you feel more for the film. Because you know it happened to a real person. Right story movies are either sad or cold. What the person achieved is something you can look up too. Here is some of the best true story kidnapping movies on Netflix

1: Abducted in plain sight 2017

It was 1974 when a 12 years old girl named Jan Broberg kidnapped from a small church in IDAHO. One of the trusted neighbors also close family friend was behind this abduction. The girl again was abducted from her parent’s home in 1976. Later a movie was made on this incident. The kidnapper took her to California and admitted her to a catholic school there. He presented himself as her father and a CIA agent as per the records. The “Abducted in plain sight” is the best movie among other true story movies on Netflix.

  1. The call 2013

The story revolves around an emergency call-center veteran operator, Jordan (Halle Berry) saves lives every day is part of her duty. One day she receives a call from a young lady. There was frantic because of a stalker tragically ends, Jordan is distressed. Therefore, she decides to put it on the front line and choose to save a life instead of just guiding them with the ropes.

‘The call’ movie genre is Action/drama. Halle Berry played the role of a 911 operator. She experiences an upsetting day at work after failing to save a girl’s life from a kidnapper and brutally murdered.

  1. Kidnapping Stella 2019 

Another real-life story based movie about a woman who was abducted for ransom. She was bound and gagged, but she uses her limited strength top wreck two asked kidnappers carefully laid plan.

Kidnapping Stella is a German movie; its genre is a thriller. In the video, two men kidnapped an affluent young woman from the street and kept her for money. Further, in the film, the young lady is tied to a bed and gagged.

  1. The kindergarten 2018 

This story‘s central character is a kindergarten Teacher; the video is American drama. Sara Colangelo directed it is a film. The story is based on the 2014 Israeli movie with the same name and genre. The movie cast is Maggie Gyllenhaal, Anna Baryshnikov, parker steak, Gael García Bernal, Rosa Salazar, and Michael Chernus. The story is about a teacher who tries to save her kindergarten student’s talent to unreasonable lengths.

Netflix movies based on true stories are worth to watch if you are interested in a thriller. Such videos let you feel the same pain and somehow aware you from so many unseen mistakes. Netflix is a platform where all the best movies available, especially true-life story movies. All genres are there. You can find your favorite movie and can watch it online in good quality.