Strangest Tributes to the Great Musical Artists

Meta: People always find strange ways to celebrate their favourite musical artists. Here are some of the best but weirdest tributes to some of the greatest legends of the stage.

We all show our devotion to our musical idols in weird and wonderful ways. No matter who they are or what music they have introduced to the world, there are always going to be some strange ways to celebrate them. Here are some of the strangest tributes to the greatest musical artists out there.


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Wandering the streets of some of the hometowns of your favourite musical artists could result in you discovering a tribute to them. One of the most amusing can be found in Melbourne, Australia, hometown of the rock legends AC/DC.

ACDC Lane was named in 2004. Unfortunately, the local government would not allow the backslash which usually separates the band’s name in the street plaque. To compensate for this, an artist added a lightning bolt to the sign to make it look more like the band’s logo. While this did give the right effect, the local government had it removed and the sign restored.


Head to Memphis, Tennessee, and you are not going to be able to move for Elvis memorabilia. He was one of America’s first and biggest music stars so it is unsurprising that the town he loved is full of things to visit. From his iconic mansion Graceland to a real Heartbreak Hotel, there is no shortage of stops on an Elvis tour.

The strangest one by far can be found in Goner Records. There is a shrine here filled with pictures of the King of Rock and Roll and a doll which moves and sings and moves when you pay a coin to it. While it is a nice tribute to Elvis, the whole shrine is a little bit odd.

Manhole Covers

It is not uncommon to see murals and statues to musical artists. However, you might also see some stranger tributes to musical artists. Head to Duluth in Minnesota to fid the Bob Dylan Way. This is a stretch of Highway 61 which now celebrates the musical career of Bob Dylan.

Most amusingly, the manhole covers were removed and replaced with specialised ones which celebrate his music. Made from recycled radiators, they are a cool way to track this route through the hometown of this famous artist.

No matter what genre of music the star makes, there is always going to be a fan who is ready to celebrate their work in weird and wonderful ways. Seeing how fans celebrate their idols is always going to be one of the best parts of the music industry.