Gil Grand Launches Country Music Sight-Seeing, Sing-A-Long Tour Company

Canadian Country Music Association multi-award winner Gil Grand has launched the Gil Grand Country Music Tours – Canada’s only sight-seeing and sing-a-long tour company. Country music lovers will have the chance to ride in a luxury coach to the biggest and greatest country music events and destinations throughout the U.S. and Canada. The entertainment begins from the moment you step onto the bus and continues in transit all the way to your final destination making it the ultimate country music experience.

Grand shares, “I can remember in my early 20s there was a gentleman by the name of Bill Rivers who was a true champion of country music in the Sudbury region. He owned and operated a company called Rivers Tours and the Country Music Travellers where he took bus loads of enthusiastic local country fans to Nashville, Branson and Memphis. I got to become friends with Bill and performed at several of his Sunday afternoon dances early on in my career. I never forgot his bus tours and I’d like to think that in a small way I can continue this tradition.”

Join Gil Grand on the first trip March 5 – 10 to Nashville, Tennessee and stay at the world famous Opryland Hotel. Trip and package will include backstage with Grand for a VIP tour of the Grand Ole Opry, with the option to watch the curtain rise from the stage. Take a walk down honky-tonk highway on lower Broadway, visit the Country Music Hall of Fame, see the homes of your favorite country stars, and learn to line dance while you enjoy some of the finest southern cooking, plus a One Night of Country Legends concert featuring Grand, with special guests, at the legendary Nashville Palace. MUST SIGN UP BY JANUARY 31, 2020! First 10 people will have the option to upgrade to VIP. Bus will depart from Casinorama in Orillia, shuttle service will be available to and from Casinorama from Sudbury and there will be a pickup in Mississauga also. This trip is in partnership with Little Rock Tours, along with Pure Country 91.7 Sudbury and Pure Country 106 Orillia. Tickets and more information can be found HERE.

Grand explains, “This has been a dream of mine for many years now. Living in Nashville for the past 15 years I’ve witnessed the rise in popularity and love affair that the world has with Nashville. And, a big number of the tourists here are Canadian. I can’t wait to ride the bus and sing with everyone!”

The Gil Grand Country Music Tours bus ride will feature live entertainment, country music karaoke and country music trivia games for fun prizes.