Power Poppers Full Throttle Release “All I Want” And Announce Ontario Shows

Full Throttle, the power-pop punk band from London, Ontario is bringing that teenage-angst filled with thunderous energy on their new single “All I Want.”

“All I Want” rocks with hard-hitting, three-chord guitar and a heavy bass line. Their high-energy vibe immediately transports you back to the familiar sounds of pop-rock giants, Green Day, Blink 182, and Goo Goo Dolls, who are huge influences on the talented high-school band. This has garnered them a relatively large Gen-X following, while also predominantly appealing to the teenage crowd as well.

The lyrics throughout the track emulate the consistent themes of pop/punk/rock that discuss adolescent lust, romantic relationships, and heartbreak. This can be heard throughout, and especially in the catchy chorus:

“I wrote a song for her on the weekend.
I don’t understand at all.
I don’t care at all cause all I want is you.
I don’t care at all cause all I want is…..”

The band’s fourth single, “All I Want” was recorded in a single day and fully developed in just one week. The teenage trio needed to come up with a new release on short notice after agreeing to perform an exclusive title on a new digital marketing platform based out of Seattle, called Sing Market Inc. The boys agreed to release the new track by November 30, 2022 – however, at that time it was already October and time was ticking.

Full Throttle had recorded their first three songs at “The Sugar Shack”, a recording studio in their hometown of London, Ontario. However, the studio was fully booked, and the band needed somewhere else to lay down their new track. That’s when they reached out to Siegfried Meier at Beach Road Studios, who had previously worked with southern California punk rock legends, “Face to Face,” so the boys knew they were in good hands. On the two-hour car ride to the studio in Huron County the idea for “All I Want” was born, and the rest is history.

The 2022 Forest City London Music Youth Award winners – Max McGill (lead vocals / guitar), Evan Levite (vocals / bass) and Kaelin Chase (drums) are currently writing, recording, playing live shows and have recently signed an Artist Development Deal with Lemmon Entertainment , based out of Vancouver which will see them return to the studio to complete a 6-song EP, set for release this Fall.

Full Throttle Ontario Tour Dates
April 21 – The Palasad Social Bowl, London
June 25 – Victoria Park, London – International Food Festival
July 1 – Riverside Park, Cambridge – Canada Day Festival
July 15 – Downtown Music Festival, Goderich