Spotify Founder Daniel Ek, Avicii Manager Ash Pournouri Starting SXSW-Style Conference in Stockholm in Summer 2015

Stockholm’s population may be just over 2 million people (one quarter of New York City). Yet it’s home to over 22,000 startups, and has been responsible for more than a half-dozen billion-dollar brands: Ikea, H&M, Skype, King (makers of Candy Crush), Ericsson and Spotify among them. Yet it’s never had its own South By Southwest or Silicon Valley Innovation Summit, conferences that have positioned Austin and San Francisco as tech hubs on a global scale.

Daniel Ek, CEO-founder of Spotify, and Ash Pournouri, founder of At Night Management (Avicii), will seek to change that by hosting the inauguralSymposium Stockholm June 8 through 13, anchored by the tech and music-based Brilliant Minds Conference on June 11 and 12.

Via Billboard